Sand Painting artist Marina Nebo has created a music video for “Da Voices” project.

sand painting, песочная анимация, песочное шоу, песочный клип

Marina Nebo has shot a clip for “Da Voices” project in Sand-animation technique. The video has been created for the song by Rada Pokarzhevskaya – Wrong Modes.

“It was fun and interesting to work with Rada. She is a real professional and a fanatic of what she is doing, she’s a harsh critic of her work – as well as I am. We both had been perfecting infinitely every sound, every shot, every grain of sand, every emotion of our creation.”

The project «Da VoiceZ» – is three beautiful voices and a unified musical world in which the main musical vector sets Rada Pokarzhevskaya – the jazz pianist with a fresh perspective and innovative approach to contemporary vocal art. The group won several Jazz Contests “DoDzh-junior”, “Jazz Territory-2010″, “Gnesin Jazz-2011″, “MusOcean-2012″, “Emergenza-2013″, “Mint Music (Wild Mint / Dikaya Myata)-2013″, etc.

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