There is no life without movement. Every moment is the world.

Developing her own technique of dynamic painting – Water(On-water) animation, performing artist Marina Nebo aimed to have ability to show the dynamics of the image most brightly. To achieve, that the image was the life, able to breathe and decide, how to be next.

There’s no canvas more alive than water. Ambitious, headstrong, unpredictable water became a co-author and a friend for Marina. This bright painting with its swiftness and time instability talks about diversity and impermanence of the world.

Marina Nebo creates performances, where drawing on the water not only conveys the plot of story, but is a separate character, she creates videoworks highlighting the beauty and value of every moment, Marina collaborates with theater and musicians, is involved in commercial activities, is always open for new projects.

Paint spilled on water image by image tells the story, and then simply dissolves in water. That gives a particular value to this performance.

Animated water booking.