On-water animation (animated water) – how to draw on the water.

Marina Nebo artist sand show animated water

What is On-water Painting Show (drawing on the water, animated water, water animation, on-water painting performance).

Water animation named by analogy with looked like genre: Sand animation (Sand art, Sand Painting Show).

Water animation performance – is an extremely unusual technique of painting, when an artist paints not on canvas or paper, but on the surface of water poured into a vessel. “It is impossible to draw in a such way- you might say,- because the paint either will dissolve in water or sink on the surface.” But it is possible! You just need to know how to manage it.

Marina Nebo – On-water painter artist Water animation artist

Marina Nebo has learned how to deal with water and negotiate with paints. It’s difficult to believe, but colorful paints on the surface of the water transform from abstract spots into a very realistic images. Furthermore, similarly to the water flow, one picture replaces another, telling the story.

Animated Water show

Anyone can become a part of the show of Animated Water: to observe the work of the artist in a live-time helps special equipment: hanging over the table videocamera transfers everything created by the artist to the screen. Just imagine: music, the artist takes the stage, picks up a brush, and on the big screen abstract patterns appear, that suddenly become almost living things and beings, replacing each other, telling a story. And suddenly you realize, that it’s a story about you, it’s your story!

Order Water animation for holiday celebration event

You can order an artist On-water animation for Christmas, birthday, anniversary, wedding, corporate party. Make a real gift to your guests!

What is the secret of drawing on the water

There is no a secret of On-water Painting. There are only a professional artist, water, painted up in white, specifically designed by our studio paints, and a lot of talent and inspiration.

Booking Sand Art and Water Art Show

You can book animated Water Show here: http://diaz-art.com/en/kontakty/