Halloween in Ukraine and Sand art (Sand animation)

pesochnaya animacia na prazdnik kiev harkov

Popular in English-speaking countries Halloween or All Saints’ Eve for Ukrainians – is not the most important celebration of the year. It’s rather a nice occasion to have fun, to dress up in funny costumes, and to go for a walk on discos and bars, not forgetting to scare all passers-by on streets. Art Studio “DIAZ” and artist of Sand and On-Water animation Marina Nebo heartily congratulate all the fans
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On-water animation (animated water) – how to draw on the water.

Marina Nebo artist sand show animated water

What is On-water Painting Show (drawing on the water, animated water, water animation, on-water painting performance). Water animation named by analogy with looked like genre: Sand animation (Sand art, Sand Painting Show). Water animation performance – is an extremely unusual technique of painting, when an artist paints not on canvas or paper, but on the surface of water poured into a vessel. “It is impossible to draw in a such
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Water animation artists Marina Nebo became the special guest of the popular TV Morning show.


One of the issues of the Morning show “Pіdyom” (“Get Up”) on The New channel was devoted to contemporary art. Marina Nebo became the special guest of the program – a current Ukrainian artist (art studio DIAZ), who uses her own technique of dynamic drawing on the water – Water animation. The leading were especially interested in the opinion of the performing artist on various aspects of contemporary art. Marina
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Marina Nebo was interviewed in live.


Marina Nebo – an artist who draws on the water, was invited to the OTB channel. Live in the popular TV show she spoke about the unusual technique of painting: the dynamic drawing, when the paint is applied to the surface of the water, but do not sink, and do not dissolve, but, driven by the artist, is transformed into new and new paintings that complement each other and continue
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Water Animation Show for “Children ARTplayground” project.


Marina Nebo has given workshops and presented Water Animation Show for kids and adults during “Children ARTplayground” festival. The “Children’s ARTplayground” is a social initiative, which main goal is to free creativity. The project is realized by holding 10 workshops, 5 training studios, 3 contests, unlimited workshops, dance, theater and music perfomancies. The topic of Marina’s performance was: “Create like a child!” “Adults should learn to draw from children!” –
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A new production by DIAZ art studio “PORTRAIT OF A BIRD”.


“Each story begins in ourselves, every one of us is a story without beginning or end, it continues even before it begins …. Who are we? How would our portrait look like? A tangle of thornythin lines … or thebursts of brightest colors? We are different. For someone Spring – is a child’s unbridled joy, for another – mud, cold and grayness. For someone world is brighter than rainbow, for
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