When a person needs art as much as air, when the artist hears music inside, his hands turn to living, real, natural materials. Sand is able to catch what the artist breathes and thinks about. Sand art is a theater of animated images, light, sound, polished choreography of hands.

Real picture is born when the artist truly wants to say something. It remains for us to hold the breath and to listen to this magical story of sand and light.

Sand animation is becoming more popular, raising new demands to the master: sand does not forgive lack of qualification, requires a perfect artistic flair and complex training and study of each performance. Our artist is relentlessly critical to himself and his work.

Sand worlds exist only here and now, a wave of hand, the lights go out – and they disappear, leaving only a pile of smooth striated drafts of papers behind. And yet … we hope that every viewer will save something very important inside. We create for it.

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