A new production by DIAZ art studio “PORTRAIT OF A BIRD”.


“Each story begins in ourselves, every one of us is a story without beginning or end, it continues even before it begins ….

Who are we? How would our portrait look like? A tangle of thornythin lines … or thebursts of brightest colors? We are different.

For someone Spring – is a child’s unbridled joy, for another – mud, cold and grayness. For someone world is brighter than rainbow, for another – is a black-and-white thriller. One is afraid to forget how to dream, the other is furious of the irrationality of the world order …

But why do we – absolutely different people – sometimes come face to face? So want to look at the strange world of the another person … “

Strong sharpness of sand lines and bright freedom of paints spreaded on the water surface joined together in a production “PORTRAIT OF A BIRD.”

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